“the Afterglow”: Welcome to 02/05/2017


Ivan Wolyniec

Waiting for the weather to take a turn for the better is a rough game, but with some good music and maybe a cup of tea to sooth your soul it becomes oh so much more bearable! Hi, my name is Ivan Wolyniec and this week I’ve prepared a show filled with gently bumping beats and some kinds of mellow wails. Not exclusively of course, but there’s some in there for sure. I’ve also focused on grabbing a couple recent releases and peppering them into the auditory landscape just for your enjoyment! Anyways, the playlist for this week is roughly as follows:

Willie West- I’m Still a Man
Tortoise – It’s All Around You
Teebs – Shoous Lullaby
Floating Points – For Marmish Part II
Nitemoves – Veaquis
Adam Bryanbart – Lithium, the New Eden
Rat & Co – Spring I
Solar Bears – After Yesteryear
Rat & Co – Spring II
Silver Swans – Secrets
Massive Attack – Angel

Some will say it’s a bold move to play two Rat & Co songs that close together but I stand by my decision here. I’m very hopeful about the upcoming springtime, not only that it will hold great things for us but also that it will get here fast. Damn this infernal ice!

Kaizen – inasmood
tides – sleep
ma d a r a – numbes
A D M B – all must pass
90sflav – seven of nine
shunga – sucka
ak420 – one two
spaze indu – smoovly
smuv – moon_beams
Paradis – Instante
Vanishing Twin – Truth is Boring
Su Na – Essex
Saib – Cosmic Dreams
Thor Kvisgaard – You Better Dig These Jazz Samples
naran Ratan – Forevertime Journeys
Theatre of Delays – Spacing Out
日本の空気 / Air of Japan
Arty – Last Kiss

We had a good run tonight, didn’t we? I think so at least though I might be biased as the owner and operator of the only known “Afterglow” show in the greater Lansing area. Don’t forget to have a good night, tell me if anything’s been on your mind, and know that I’ve always believed in you!

: )