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Impact is one of the largest college radio stations in the country with currently over 200 students working or volunteering at the student-run media outlet.



To volunteer at Impact you must be a Michigan State University student (undergraduate or graduate) and  complete the following Impact volunteer application. Please email the completed application to or bring it to the station located in the basement of Holden Hall (G-4).

Below are a list of our teams of which volunteers can join!

Content Team: The content team writes articles about music while also creating Spotify playlists and recommending new songs through their Jam of the Days.

Audio Team: The audio team works with audio engineering to create bumpers and PSAs that play on our station. They also pay a key role in recording the music for our in-studio sessions.

Video Team: Video team creates all of our promotional videos & photos as well as documents in-studio performances and concerts. Take a look at some of their work on our video page!

News Team: Our news team writes articles and runs their own podcast- The Undercurrent. They keep us up to date with current events from campus to the East Lansing Community to the nation sometimes putting an interesting twist to your traditional news outlet.

Sports Team: Our sports team writes articles about Big Ten & Professional Sports. They also have 5 podcasts were they talk about a variety of sporting events. They also are able to do live reporting which plays on our FM station.

Marketing/ Street Team: The street team contributes to our marketing department by helping with and at our station events. They also come up with ways to unify the station through our social media, events, graphics, and so much more!

Music Review Team: Music review is a group of volunteers that debate and listen to new music. From there, volunteers suggest songs to our music directors to be added to our rotation.


Since we’re a radio station we have DJs! Apply to join our team and work your way up to being a live on Impact 89FM. Once you’re trained as a DJ, you can DJ our events. Contact our events director for more information.

We also have a variety of specialty shows covering different genres from our daytime programming. Week by week these volunteer hosts curate their own playlists to bring the audience a deeper look into genres such as hip-hop, punk, world music, and more. For more information, contact our Program Director at

Current host positions:


Show Description Application Start Date Application Deadline
The Afterglow Co-Host Specialty Show Application ASAP 8/26/19
The Basement Co-Host Specialty Show Application ASAP 8/26/19
Pangea Host Specialty Show Application ASAP 8/26/19
The Vibe Co-Host Specialty Show Application ASAP 8/26/19

Paid Staff:

To apply for a paid student position at Impact you must be a Michigan State University student (undergraduate or graduate) and complete the following Impact employment application. Please email the completed employment application to the email provided in the job description or bring them to the station located in the basement of Holden Hall (G-4).

For questions or concerns, email our Operations Director at

Current job postings:



Job Description Application Job Posting Date Application Deadline
Event DJ Employment Application Accepted on rolling basis
Station Manager Employment Application 7/16/19 8/26/19
Operations Director Employment Application 7/16/19 8/26/19
Assistant Sports Director  Employment Application 4/10/19 10/1/19
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