Tax Vote FAQ

What is the Tax Vote?

  • Every three years, MSU hosts a tax vote, in which students are given the opportunity to vote on what campus services they are taxed for. Some of the options to vote on include clubs and organizations at MSU that are meant to serve the students such as Impact 89FM, ASMSU, RHA, and more. At the beginning of each semester, students do have the opportunity to ask for a tax refund which they will receive upon request.

How much do students contribute?

  • Students contribute $3 through their tuition dollars which can be refunded to them upon request.

What does the Impact’s tax money go towards?

  • The maintenance and curation of a live, 24/7 broadcast of music, sports, and news on an FM station and online stream available anywhere in the world. 
  • Putting on events in the community such as concerts, station hangouts, merch giveaways, and more.
  • Providing resources and space to teach students any media skills they’re interested in across news, music, and sports.
    • These skills include but are not limited to: recording and editing audio, recording and editing video, journalistic writing and reporting, public speaking, using new computer systems, shared leadership, event broadcasting, DJing, social media marketing, event planning, leadership, and podcasting. 
  • Employing dedicated students to create diverse content. 
  • Providing unique opportunities and resources for both personal and professional growth for our staff and volunteers. 
  • Offering free DJ services to other clubs and organizations across campus.

What does the Impact provide for MSU students and the Greater Lansing community?

  • The Impact is a student-run organization that employs 50+ paid staff and 150+ volunteers across several teams and departments. If a student is looking to engage and create, we have a space for them. 
  • We produce easily accessible content on and off air for everyone including new music, playlists, music/artist coverage, breaking news, local interest stories, play-by-play coverage of live games, photos, videos, and more. 
  • We share a space for collaboration and promotion of other student organizations and projects.
  • We provide opportunities to develop new skills, showcase talents, travel, and create for all that are interested. 
  • We maintain a safe space both in and out of our station that promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion for all identities. 
  • We uplift community goals and issues online and on-air.
  • We work with local groups on events, fundraisers, general promotion, and more.

What is the voting process like?

How can you support us?

  • If you’re interested in helping us pass this year’s tax vote, share our info! Share our content or our voting information! We post new content every day, and between now and the election, we’ll also be circulating new tax vote graphics and information. 
  • You could also share what you like about the Impact or why you think students should vote for us! Any effort helps!

How can you get involved at the Impact?

  • If you’re interested in joining or collaborating with the Impact, check out our “Join Us” tab under “About the Impact” tab for new opportunities. Students are always welcome to come volunteer with us, and we are always looking for new community collaborations!