the AFTERGLOW | 12/18/2016


Ivan Wolyniec

It’s been a week already, eh? It always sneaks up on me, I’m not complaining but if you don’t slow down life can move so quickly around you. I want you to take some time to do something you find soothing today, don’t let life get you all caught up in your own head! Enough digression, I have some great picks for you this week!

Hour One:
Catching Files: Mt Wolf
Kan Waken: Molasses
Nymano: Solitude
Helvetia: Old, New Bycicle
Mick Jenkins: Drowning
Albert Hammond Jr: Spooky Couch
Froyo Ma: Berrymilk Sea
DJ Day: Sunday
Susie Suh, Robot Koch – Here with Me
Sam Wise – winters.cold
Aquilo – So Close To Magic
Arctic Vision – Neon Colors
Julian Calor – Rain
Phaeleh – Hypnos

What helps you relax? I personally like climbing buildings, drinking different teas, and bicycle repair.

Hour Two:
Clubroot – Faith in Her
ID3 – Somewhere within your soul
deadmau5 – Whelk Then
Emmit Fenn – Blinded
Oscar Peterson Trio – I Got It Bad and That Ain’t Good
Noble Oak – Dream Spark
S U R V I V E – cshck 01
King Arthur – Believe In The Kingdom
Matt Lange – With Every Intention Of
Massive Attack – Teardrop

I’m still trying to figure out what the deal with this world is. Maybe we can figure it out together? Either way, I’ll catch you on the flipside : )