Sincerity is Scary | The 1975

Kayla Effner

After nearly three years of anticipation, fans around the world are exulting over A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships, the new album by British rock band The 1975. This record deviates tremendously from their past work and follows a clearer message about the effects of growing up in the digital age and the impact it has on the personal lives of our generation.

 “Sincerity is Scary” was co-produced by lead singer Matty Healy and drummer George Daniel. Like many tracks on the album, they experimented with unfamiliar stylistic choices and influences, ultimately bringing more power to their message of embracing authenticity and self-acceptance. The drums on the song were inspired by hip-hop legends like J Dilla and 9th Wonder. The track also incorporates backup vocals performed by the London Community Gospel Choir.

Lyrically, this song aligns very closely with the overall theme of reflecting on the post-modern condition. Although the song includes some ironic undertones, Healy seriously prompts listeners to reflect on how their treatment of others may be a projection of their own insecurities and how that can be amplified through social media and other superficial interactions. This track is a call to all young people to let their guards down and offer support to one another when we need it most.