Impacter’s Choice | Dad-rock


Impact Content Team

Written by Autumn Miller

Though Mother’s Day is fastly approaching, and while moms are probably some of the coolest, most organized people on the planet-  we here at Impact have an inherent appreciation for dads. Maybe it’s their love for corny puns, or maybe it’s the way they don the “socks and sandals” look like no other, but all fathers hone a certain aesthetic that all of us secretly wish we had.

Due to this endless admiration, we figured that this called for a playlist dedicated to some of our favorite people in. Of course, it would warrant no other name than “Dad-rock,” because, while it’s filled with 50-year-old man-approved jams, dads themselves also rock too. With that being said, we recommend that for best listening purposes, you barbecue a few hot dogs on the grill and crank out your best moonwalk while doing so. Maybe throw in wearing a questionable fedora at the same time, too.