A Lost Machine | Grandaddy


Sana Hakim

Grandparents are known to repine at this generation’s reliance on technology, making “A Lost Machine” suitable for a band called Grandaddy.

Grandaddy has not released new music since 2006, the year of its split. After having reformed in 2012, it is set to release its fifth studio album, Last Place, early next year. “A Lost Machine” is a powerful preface to said album. It is a dreamy depiction of our grandparents’ worst nightmare. Lyrics like, “we’re headed to the temporary shelter at the roller rink” and “Surveillance video recorder hidden in a tree, You and I are on the lawn and it’s focusing in on me” suggest that Armageddon has hit, and its catalyst was technology.

The grip that technology holds on us is silent and creeping. It intensifies as we become more comfortable with it, so when it engulfs our entire being, we welcome it. “A Lost Machine” is the same way, which is what makes it so brilliant.