Vulnerability and Isolation | “Simply Living” by LVRS


Kyle Davidson

For some people, quarantine was a period of isolation and loneliness. For others, it was an opportunity to focus on old projects and get started on new ones. After beginning the recording process for their new LP in late 2019, Jackson-based indie rock group LVRS wrapped recording of their newest project in August. Over the past few months, the band has released three singles in anticipation of LP2. The most recent release, “Simply Living,” showcases the band’s dreamy sound, while adding hints of new wave to their repertoire.



The track starts off with a wistful blend of guitar and keys reminiscent of early New Order, before cueing in the ghostly vocals of Olivia DeJonghe. The whole song exudes an aura of nostalgia as DeJonghe’s voice breathes life into the poetic lyrics. As the first verse wraps into a horn interlude, it transports you to a sepia-tinted reel of bittersweet memories. The instrumentation continues to embrace DeJonghe’s vocals while they swell towards an emotional crescendo. As the song reaches its peak, it slows into a soft patter of keys and drums as this journey of reminiscence fades into one final flourishing chord.


Paired with the nostalgic instrumentation, the lyrical themes of vulnerability cut deep. In discussing the struggles of being open with ourselves and the fear of loneliness, LVRS touches on fears and issues we all have. Between putting on a mask for the rest of the world, to alienating yourself out of fear of being lonely, the song is a warm, pitiful smile reminding you that you aren’t alone. As raw vulnerability blends with the track’s bright melodies, it creates an atmosphere that almost encourages you to dance along. For better or for worse, our connections to others are all we have, and all we can do is work to navigate them in spite of our anxieties.


Alongside “Agency/Automation” and “Fata Morgana,” “Simply Living” signals that a new LVRS release is on the horizon. While the band has yet to set a release date, you can follow them on Instagram @lvrsband for any announcements. You can also support them on Bandcamp at