The State – 11/30/20

Lacie Hudson, Case deKoning

President Samuel L. Stanley yielded questions at the last ASMSU meeting on Thursday, Nov. 19. Deputy Athletic Director Alan Haller also presented.

As far as bills are concerned, MSU Swim & Dive received support on behalf of the undergraduate population, as the General Assembly of ASMSU passed Bill 57-37. Several other bills regarding lecture materials, housing discrimination and ASMSU elections also passed.

The Swim & Dive resolution, Bill 57-37, moves that ASMSU ask Athletic Director Bill Beekman and MSU President Samuel L. Stanley Jr. to reinstate the program and to have an open discussion with the student-athletes and other interested community members on how the program can be brought back.

Alumni, along with other members of the Spartan community, have voiced their desire to crowdfund the season. The bill also says that ASMSU will continue to advocate for the student-athletes’ physical and emotional wellbeing.

Introducer of the bill Harsna Chahal, representative of the Lyman Briggs College, said that the athletes are going through particularly troubling times due to their circumstances.

Bill 57-36, which advocates that teachers should post lecture materials to their class’s relevant online platforms, was passed by voice majority. The bill goes on to further state that these materials should be posted prior to the lecture. The bill defines lecture materials as “lecture notes, lecture PowerPoint presentations, and any other relevant course materials.”

Bill 57-32, which advocates for lectures to be recorded and posted to either D2L or MediaSpace, was passed in the last GA meeting. On Bill 57-36, introducer Cynthia Sridhar, College of Natural Science representative said that the circumstances created by COVID-19 warrant the measures requested in the bill.

Finally, the GA passed Bill 57-33, which amends the ASMSU election code so that if a newly elected representative leaves their seat 24 hours prior to the start of their term, the runner up in the election will replace them, given that they reached the minimum vote threshold. The bill was originally set to be introduced at the last GA meeting, but was rescinded for further consultation.

Introducer Julian Trevino, College of Social Science representative, said that this would work to create a more represented student body by having a fuller GA.