The State – 11/4/20

Haley Sinclair, Case deKoning

Last week, ASMSU passed a resolution to support calls for the university to implement a Satisfactory/Non-Satisfactory grading system.

Yesterday the Association of Big Ten Students released a statement that calls on their universities’ administrations to offer the grading policy for the Fall 2020 semester.

The statement is signed by every student body president within the Big Ten except for Indiana University.

ASMSU president Abii-Tah Bih had the original idea and drafted the letter, which was then edited and amended by other student government presidents from across the Big Ten. She said that the letter addresses something that students nationwide have been asking for and thinks that it’s time for administrators to listen and respond.


Yesterday was Election Day, but it might be more appropriate to think of this as election week.

This slower counting process does not indicate fraud. Michigan has never finished counting ballots on the night of the election, which means complete unofficial results may not be announced until Friday.

Although, The United States Postal Service was ordered by a U.S. district court judge to speed up the delivery of ballots in two areas of Michigan.

These regions include the Detroit District and the Lakeland District.The announcement explains Detroit currently has the worst on-time delivery rate in the nation.

This slowdown of mail delivery in Michigan has negatively impacted the timely delivery of absentee ballots.


The Michigan Supreme Court did not respond to a request to review challenges made to a directive that would prohibit open carry firearms near ballots on Election Day.

The appeals court decision, which said the directive likely voted a procedural act, will now remain due to a lack of response from the Michigan Supreme Court.

In terms of the consolidated lawsuit, the trial court granted an injunction and found that the directive had likely violated the Administrative Procedures Act. This decision was immediately appealed to the Michigan Court of Appeals, which would not hear the appeal.