The State – 10/6/20

Haley Sinclair, Case deKoning

Last Tuesday, two bills passed through the ASMSU committees and will be introduced to the General Assembly on Thursday, Oct. 8.

The first approved Bill 57-18, considers an ASMSU partnership with, a student-run website that provides student ratings, reviews, grade distributions and syllabi from prior classes.

Bill 57-19, which aims to amend the ASMSU Code of Operations to clarify that a person serving on the GA cannot also be on the ASMSU staff since it presents a conflict of interest, was approved. Both bills went through the Policy Committee and were approved unanimously.

ASMSU President Abii-Tah Bih provided an updated recommendation on spring semester plans on behalf of the the Academic Calendar Task Force, which includes:

Beginning the semester on Monday, January 11 with online-only instruction until Friday, January 22. Then, resume classes in a hybrid setting.

This recommendation also included the elimination of spring break while suspending classes and due dates on Feb. 16, March 24, April 22, and April 23 and to extend commencement to last from April 30 to May 7.

These plans are not final but serve as recommendations.

The East Lansing Art Festival application is now live on the city’s website until Jan. 31, 2021, though the artists are not sure what the festival entails just yet.

With COVID-19 cases still on rise, it is unclear if the Art Festival scheduled for May 22 and May 23 next year will take place virtually or in-person. Festival director Heather Majano said the application software is the same as it has previously been, but the way the festival will be organized is undetermined at this time.