The Sci-Files – 10/27/2019 – Lili Gloe – Anxiety and the Brain

Chelsie Boodoo and Daniel Puentes

This week on The Sci-Files, Chelsie and Danny interview Lili Gloe.

Lili is a graduate student in the Clinical Psychology doctoral program at Michigan State University. Her research focuses on how anxiety relates to the way people think, plan, and learn. In order to better understand this relationship, she examines how people perform on computer tasks aimed to tap into these thinking processes and how their performance may relate to anxiety symptoms. She also uses an electroencephalogram (EEG) to examine how electrical brain activity during these tasks relate to anxiety. By examining behavior, brain activity, and reports from participants about their anxiety, Lili aims to capture a fuller picture of the observable and unobservable aspects of anxiety as it relates to cognitive function. She also is particularly interested in how this relationship changes over development and may be related to biological factors, such as ovarian hormones.

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