The Chant – 4/24/19 – Playoffs!!

Hikaru Kudo and Justin LaBelle

On this episode of The Chant, co-hosts Hikaru Kudo and Justin LaBelle dive into some exciting news in both music and sports.

Justin kicks off the show by reviewing the new single by Lil Dicky titled, “Earth”, which was produced as a charity song where all proceeds benefit the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation (5:54). You can check out the music video for “Earth” here.

Afterward, Hikaru drives head first into some NBA Playoff talk, discussing his thoughts on the first round matchups, as well as a disappointing playoff run by the hometown Detroit Pistons (19:56).

Then, Justin talks about the second weekend of Coachella, including highlights from Kanye West’s Sunday Service performance (34:41).

Finally, Hikaru wraps up the show discussing Detroit legend, Steve Yzerman’s return to Detroit as the new Executive Vice President and General Manager of the Detroit Red Wings (46:39).


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