Exposure – 4/14/19 – “God’s Not Dead” & The Sci-Files: Carnivore Interaction


On Exposure, your host Stephanie interviewed the author of “God’s Not Dead” and later on, SciFiles hosts, Chelsie and Danny discuss African carnivores and how the community are at odds with them.

On Apr. 17, Dr. Rice Broocks and Dr. Michael Guillen will be at Michigan State for an open discussion about the evidence that God exists. Stephanie had the opportunity to talk to Dr. Broocks about his book “God’s Not Dead” and how he shares his faith with college students. For more information, check out their event at the Kellogg Center on Apr. 17 at 7-9 p.m. to discuss the Christian faith in this inclusive presentation.

On The Sci-Files, researcher, Claire Hoffman joined Chelsie and Daniel to talk about the conflict between Africa carnivores and livestock and their owners.  Claire’s research includes a variety of new technology and traditional research methods as she studies the patterns of where, when and how carnivores attack livestock.