Exposure – 11/11/18 – MSU A Cappella – Part 2


Stephanie Stapert

In this week’s Exposure, your host Stephanie Stapert, continues talking to MSU Acappella groups. WDBM brought in Spartan Dischords, Ladies First, and the collaborative group, Spartones. Listen to get to know them & their upcoming events!

Spartan Dischords is one of the all-male acappella groups. They hold tradition close while also being spontaneous and humorous. They perform at a variety of gigs including their upcoming concert Dischords on Ice on Dec. 7! You might even see them ice skating at this Holiday performance. If you’re interested in them, you can find them on social media @SpartanDischords and on Youtube!

Ladies First, MSU’s all-female acappella group. They are a supportive group of girls who sing songs that represent their values as people. To see these lovely ladies, come to their Greek Mythology themed performance HercuLadies on Nov. 16! You can find them on social media @ladiesfirstmsu and their music on Youtube!

The Spartones, are a collaborative acappella group comprised of members from other MSU Acappella groups. This supergroup performs in the summer at Acaopen. They are the heart of MSU Acappella and the whole community so keep an ear out for them! They’re hoping to record there latest set soon but for now, here it is!