DJ Spotlight of the Week | Arthur Jones


Stephanie Stapert

We’re halfway through the semester and SPRING BREAK is upon us. This means it’s about time to feature one of our DJs –  Arthur Jones. Arthur studies Media and Information and kick starts the weekend by playing Smiths, Big Pile of Leaves and so much more on Fridays 10 AM til noon.


1. What made you decide to join Impact and become a DJ?

I had listened to the station a little bit while I was a kid, and when I came to MSU, I thought, this would be rad. So I went in and started DJing.

2. What has been your best on air experience?

My best on air experience is probably this one time I did a top 5 at 5. The person who won for that day I guess had a really awful day(which I was also having). When I told them they had won, they got really excited and said that they were having a super bad day, and this was going to turn it around! It made my day haha.

3. How do you think working in radio will affect your future career and life experience?

I hope to work in radio so at least having the perspective is pretty useful. It also helps me practice being able to formulate elegant sounding thoughts and verbalize then quickly.

4. What is your favorite part of the station?

The people, and how cool they are!

5. If you could play an artist non-stop on the air, which would it be?

I would probably play either The Smiths, or A Great Big Pile of Leaves.

6. What is the best concert experience you have had? Why?

It was at Bledfest 2015 I think, and Superheaven(formerly Daylight) was about to play, and I had managed to make it to the front right before they started. I stayed up front the entire time, and it was the best time I have had dodging kicks!