Location | Khalid


Alec Reo

“Location” by Khalid is an instant hit off of his newest album American Teen. This song combines a beautiful mellow beat, which reminds the artist of a ringtone that immediately caught his attention when he first heard it, and his soft vocals to catch a certain girl’s attention. His music tells the story of young digital love in the 21st century.

Throughout the song he sings, “Send me your location, let’s focus on communication” and “I don’t wanna fall in love off of subtweets,” meaning he wants to cut off all of the copious distraction technology has provided us and wants to make things personal with a certain girl in his life.

“Location” capitalizes on its ability to relate to others and its uniqueness. This song is relatable in aspects of love in our present technological age, showcasing how so many relationships are originated from meeting online. This song truly highlights how the concept of love has drastically changed since our parents’ generation.