Transpose | Bad Suns


Alec Reo

This song is featured on Bad Suns’s debut album Language & Perspective, which released in 2014. The album itself shows a large variety of influences, ranging from a synth-pop style to energetic ’00s dance-punk. This concoction of music styles makes this an album you need to listen to if you haven’t already.

“Transpose” is a song that stood out to me. It combines a funky and catchy melody throughout the whole song, relaying a relatable struggle to young adults our age. The song is primarily about going through some sort of crisis, and the narrator needs someone to put him at ease.

Frontman Christo Bowman expresses how his thoughts keep him up at night and his anxiety acts as an extra weight to carry. As young college students, we all know that dreaded feeling of overthinking, and can happily jam away knowing we’re not alone in that struggle.