Pity Party | 10.5.16


Erica Marra

East Lansing’s stormy night proved to set the perfect backdrop for tonight’s Pity Party. Tune in next week to hear all of the best emo and punk tunes to fit your every need!
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Lipstick Covered Magnet – The Front Bottoms
Fit Your Life Into A Grid – Their / They’re / There
Rose of Sharon – Title Fight
Captive Cows – Bay Faction
Ice Cream and Sunscreen – Martha
Cross out the Eyes – Thursday
Gum – Moose Blood
Men Explain Things To Me – Tacocat
Buddy – All Dogs
Build God, Then We’ll Talk – Panic! At The Disco
Two Good Things – Modern Baseball
Leather Jacket – Joyce Manor
Do You Still Hate Me? – Jawbreaker
No Big Deal – Nice Try
That’s OK – Eskimeaux
Between Your Band and the Other Band – Tigers Jaw
Lovesong – Kevin Devine
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I’ll See You When We’re Both Not So Emotional – American Football
West Texas – PWR BTTM
Nothing Rips Through Me – Pity Sex
Amateur Cartographer – Dowsing
Tongue Tied – Free Throw
Night Channels – Foxing
The Metronome – Pinegrove
Coffee – Chumped
Elevator Days – Mixtapes
Little Hell – City and Colour
How – Daughter
Foulbrood – Two Inch Astronaut
Make You Cry – Title Fight
Canada Square – Basement
Idk, My BFF Jill – empire! empire! (i was a lonely estate)
Vulcan Death Grip – Old Gray
Gardensong – Funeral Advantage
Not The Sun – Brand New