The State – 11/15/22

Rachel Fulton

Today’s weather forecast is predicting variable clouds with snow showers with a high of 38 degrees and a low of 33 degrees.

MSU to hold vaccine clinic at Breslin Center on Wednesday

Michigan State University is partnering with the East Lansing Department of Police and Public Safety, MSU Health Care and the Ingham County Health Department to hold a vaccine clinic tomorrow at the Breslin Center from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Members of the community will have access to vaccinations against influenza and the bivalent COVID-19 vaccinations and their boosters.

Young adults in a college setting tend to have higher rates of transmission of illness, especially in closed spaces such as basketball games that become popular during flu season. Community leaders are hoping to get ahead of any outbreak.

Experts say that this flu season could see higher rates of transmission of influenza as well as COVID-19, hence the vaccine clinic offering both doses. They continue to suggest masks if there are symptoms of sickness.

Students can always schedule an appointment through Olin Health Center or the MSU Pharmacy to receive vaccinations at any time.

Black Student Alliance hosts 50th Annual Black Power Rally, celebrating Black culture and intersectionality

On Sunday, the Black Student Alliance, or BSA, hosted the 50th annual Black Power Rally at The Wharton Center. The rally featured performances by several student organizations.

The rally is a tradition that first began in 1972. It has brought the MSU Black community together to both celebrate Black culture and give voice to issues that the community faces, all through sketches, song and dance.

The theme of the event was ‘The Blackprint: Our culture can not be canceled.’ It honors the significance of Black culture throughout history and in the present day.

Black culture was celebrated throughout the event through awards given out by members of BSA for fun. The categories included ‘Best Actor,’ ‘Best Show’ and ‘Best Album.’ Members of BSA acting as the recipients accepted the awards.

Performances at the rally included the dance organization Urban Dreams joined by the Royal Dance Movement, sketches and poetry readings, as well as a fashion show put on by N Crowd magazine during intermission.

Another special highlight of the rally was from author, activist and founder of the Trayvon Martin foundation Sybrina Fulton who gave a speech at the event.

Fulton spoke about the experience of losing Martin, her son. In 2012, the 17-year-old was fatally shot by George Zimmerman when going for a walk in Sanford, Florida.

The event closed with the presentation of The Lifetime Achievement Award by members of BSA. They offered the award to BSA founder Robert L. Green who created the space for Black students in the basement of his own home in 1967.

Professor receives scholar grant to continue cancer research for underserved communities

Michigan State public health professor Todd Lucas is at the frontlines of the global war on cancer. Lucas’ research consists of recognizing how psychosocial aspects have negative effects on the health of a person, causing illnesses like cancer.

Lucas received the Health Equity Research Scholar Grant to fund his colorectal cancer research within underserved areas across Michigan. Emphasizing strategies to prevent cancer itself in the first place, he stresses cancer screening, the main protagonist in his research efforts.

His work is based in areas in and around Detroit.

Lucas said his motivation behind the research is his interest in it, but also, the practicality.

Mental health takes a toll on physical health. In this case, psychological aspects can potentially affect a person negatively so much as to cause a physical illness.

Lucas expressed a feeling of gratefulness to be able to have an influence on cancer research with help from the American Cancer Society.

Lucas said, “It basically gives us the green light to go ahead and implement that work and do something so there’s a feeling of responsibility there too. And not only to the American Cancer Society but especially to the communities that we’re working with.”

Based on original reporting by Maggie George, Jaden Beard and Kyle O’Connor.