The State – 02/23/22

Rachel Fulton

IPF introduces new navigational app for employees

Michigan State University’s Infrastructure Planning and Facilities, or IPF, has announced a new application for their employees’ mobile devices.

The purpose of this app is to provide their staff with turn-by-turn navigation across the 24.7 million square feet of MSU campus grounds.

According to Communications Manager at IPF Strategic Initiatives Fred Woodhams, already more than a dozen IPF staff have been trained to use the application as part of our initial pilot.

In an email Woodhams said that the project team is taking feedback from users’ and making improvements based on feedback. More staff will be trained on how to use the app.

The app will save employees time on a daily basis.

MSU IT were thanked by IPF Campus Services director Adam Lawver for developing the app.

In the statement Lawver expressed that if the app even saves only a minute or two of workers time, the savings will add up to thousands of work hours over time.

Renee Knake Jefferson running to keep Board of Trustees seat

Trustee Renee Knake Jefferson announced she would run to keep her position on the Michigan State University Board of Trustees yesterday.

In Dec. 2019, Knake Jefferson was appointed following board disagreements about the release of the withheld documents about ex-MSU doctor Larry Nassar.

Her term officially ends on Jan. 1, 2023, along with trustee Melanie Foster’s. Both seats will be voted on during the primary election taking place on Aug. 2, 2022, and the general election, which will take place on Nov. 8, 2022

In a press release Jefferson said she’s continuing to run to change student success. When she was appointed by Gov. Whitmer, she went straight to work and when other trustees refused to release documents of the Nassar crisis for an independent investigation, she reviewed them herself.

Jefferson remains the only trustee who has read the full documents.

FINAL: Penn State 79, MSU 71, Spartans suffer potential bubble bursting loss to Nittany Lions 

MSU women’s basketball lost a crucial game against Penn State Monday night, 79-71.

Freshman guard DeeDee Hagemann returned to the lineup after being out on concussion protocol for the match up.

MSU’s tournament chances were shaken up after Penn State sealed the game by controlling most of the second half

Driving offense force Penn State junior guard Makena Marisa came to East Lansing eager to play and outshined MSU senior guard Nia Clouden. Clouden scored eight points in the first half compared to Marisa’s sixteen.

Clouden was tied with grad student forward Tamera Farquhar who also had similar points before leading the Spartans in the locker room.

Things started going downhill for MSU when they came out of the tunnel for the second half. The Nittany Lions took a 12-point lead with several points coming off the fast-break and the Spartans didn’t have the comeback to defend.

The Spartans are going to Ann Arbor tomorrow to play against No.6 Michigan who they beat at home earlier this season.

Based on original reporting by Selma Cogo, Morgan Womack, and Jenna Malinowski. Script by Shakyra Mabone.