The State – 11/01/21

Rachel Fulton

Michigan State vs. Michigan Football Game

Saturday was a big game day for the Spartans. Running back Kenneth Walker III had made a great show for the biggest game of the year at MSU.

Walker made 23 carries for 197 yards and all five of MSU’s touchdowns, leading the 16-point comeback.

Three of the five touchdowns Walker had made were 20 yards or longer. Looking past Michigan’s aggression, he took advantage and dashed past the second level consistency for highlight after highlight.

Michigan’s Wolverines had scored two of its three touchdowns on third down.

They attacked MSU by preventing the Spartans’ third down blitzing with quick routes over the middle and were able to find openings between wide receiver Andrel Anthony and tight end Erik All.

Within the last five minutes of the game, MSU’s defense held out strongly and succeeded with a 37-33 victory over Michigan.

Celebrating Michigan States Football Victory

With the following of Michigan State’s victory over Michigan, students swarm the streets through East Lansing to celebrate.

An apartment complex known as Cedar Village approaching Bogue Street became a scene of an epic crowd who flipped one car and started a fire.

The crowd came onto Cedar Street within a hundred yards away from Grand River, chanting MSU’s fight song in the middle of the street.

Attempts were made to light furniture on fire but failed due to the wet weather and the police confiscating at least one piece of furniture.

30 minutes after the game ended, a vehicle flipped to its side causing mayhem in the crowd. Fans then climbed onto the vehicle and kicked in the windshield and doors.

Two fireworks were ignited near the vehicle causing many to leave the area. A student was arrested for kicking the car after the police arrived on scene.

The owner of the vehicle is unknown.

MSU Fraternity and Sorority’s ‘Safe Halloween’

Children and parents celebrated Halloween with an event hosted by MSU’s Fraternity and Sorority life called “Safe Halloween” on October 27th.

The event, which is back in person this year, is meant to be a safe environment for families who are looking forward to celebrating the holiday.

The event included candy tables with games, bounce houses, a live DJ, and staffed students. The streets were blocked off for the event.

Pi Beta Phi’s Panhellenic delegate and business junior Brielle Patel helped organize the event.

Due to parent’s concerns with trick or treating this year, human biology senior Annie Hoang- Pham stated “this is why Safe Halloween was created”.

It offers opportunities for kids to go trick or treating on safe streets and MSU students pass out candy so parents wouldn’t have to worry about candy safety.

Based on original reporting by Jared Ramsey, Drew Goretzka, Dan Netter, and Jack Armstrong. Script by Shakyra Mabone.