Over & Under | The Black Keys v.s. Radio Moscow


Dinesh Kamarajan

Traditionally, the Over/Under highlights the specific albums that we feel may or may not feel deserve acclaim. Today, let’s take a look at a band that has long been praised for their bluesy synth-rock and offer an alternate, often underlooked option.

I have always had a great appreciation of the Black Keys’ sound as they are one of the first bands I ever obsessed over. Yet, after a while, their songs sometimes lose their once gritty strength, the emotion behind the bluesy chords fading after repeated listens. Songs like “Gold on the Ceiling” and “Howling for You” tend to make me slightly indifferent whenever they come on after they’ve been played over and over on every alt-rock radio station.

Still love the Black Keys, but slightly tired of them?

Psychedelic blues-rock band from Iowa, Radio Moscow, just released album Live! In California, on Spotify. As with most live albums, this record filled to the brim with energy and head banging potential. They have a similar sound to the Black Keys, with a hint more anger, a touch more distortion, and a bit of a snarl. Best of all, it’s fresh, unheard, and jammable music. They have long hair, garage rock riffs, and gritty voices — what more do you need?