Playlist | “Songs about Capitalism”


Tasia Bass and Entertainment Team

It’s Black Friday, the one day out of the year where you ignore your bank account and credit card’s pleas of no, to go spend money on all the deals from your favorite stores. After giving thanks, it’s the day that truly shows what we all are most thankful for—material items in excess!!!

Usually the malls and stores are overcrowded with excitable shoppers who must get the latest thing they don’t need for a fraction of the cost. However, this year will be a little different. 

While there may be a pandemic raging throughout the world, stores have come up with creative ways to make sure they still take our money. While many stores have put their deals online this year or started them earlier this month, Americans are still expected to throw away billions of dollars on everything the big corporations have convinced us we need.

So, you might not have to wrestle someone to the ground for the new PlayStation 5, you can still listen to this playlist of songs about capitalism while you surf the web for some deals. 

While you listen, consider checking out some local businesses to get your holiday gifts.