Green & White Report – 10/6/19 – Surprise Visit by Cole


In this week’s episode of The Green & White Report, co-hosts Ryan Rabinowitz and Julian Mitchell kick off the show by breaking down MSU Football’s  34-10 loss to Ohio State last night (6:33).

From football, we shift to MSU Volleyball, as the guys bring on beat reporter Ian Drummond and give his thoughts on MSU Volleyball’s split weekend, after sweeping the Buckeyes before falling to Maryland in five sets (26:15).

We head to a quick MSU sports update by Henry Menigoz (32:27), before previewing the MSU Hockey season with beat reporter Ryan Collins (36:58).

We shift from college to the NHL, as Collins talks some NHL with guys (53:04).

Rounding into the second hour of the show, a quick pro sports update by Henry (1:07:15) is followed by this week’s edition of The Sparty Awards: Fall Festivities (1:08:59).

Then, Rabinowitz and Julian call the car and football beat reporter Eric Bach, for his thoughts on the MSU football game (1:29:07).

Finally, to wrap up the show, former Sports Director and 9&10 News Producer Ryan Cole guest picks alongside Ryan Collins for the weekly NFL picks (1:44:23).