The Chant – 3/20/19 – March is Madness!

Hikaru Kudo and Justin LaBelle

On this week’s episode of The Chant, co-hosts Hikaru Kudo and Justin LaBelle dive head first into the madness of March.

Justin kicks off the show by talking about Slipknot being sued by a former band member among other related Slipknot news (5:18).

Following Justin, Hikaru talks about the start of the 2019 Formula One season and gives his thoughts on RedBull Honda’s statement regarding the Australian Grand Prix (15:48).

Whipping it back over to Justin, he talks about Johnny Depp and Alice Cooper teasing the new Hollywood Vampires album and what it means for Johnny Depp after his recent run-ins with the media (34:47).

To wrap up the show, Hikaru wraps up the Big Ten Tournament for the MSU men’s basketball team and gives an upset alert for each region in the first round of the NCAA men’s basketball tournament (46:59).


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