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Impact 89FM Playlist Series | The 90’s


Remember Y2K? The phenomena that frightened most of the population. People stocked up on canned food and bottled water treating the approaching New Year like the apocalypse.

Looking back now, we laugh that people actually believed that computers would just stop working because they weren’t around in ‘00 so they wouldn’t know how to work. Obviously, that was not the case. Computers didn’t go caput. Life went on. Even though the scare of Y2K may be remembered as one of the most absurd almost technological apocalypses, it will be remembered when reminiscing the 90’s.

Since we’re on the subject of ridiculous and embarrassing, reminiscing on the trends of the decade is essential, since they will probably be back in style soon anyway. While patrolling Instagram, I noticed the use of body glitter – a prime example of a trend from the 90’s that most assumed would die with the decade, but is making a reappearance among sorority girls around the country. Tube tops are game day apparel. Chokers are all the rage. From grunge to pastels, 90’s fashion has had quite a wild ride, and it all seems to be coming back. At this rate, maybe people will tell others to “talk to the hand” again.

The music industry had its highs and lows as well. Tastes ranged from Destiny’s Child and Alanis Morissette to R.E.M. and Third Eye Blind. Though the 90’s may not be an innovative and completely unique decade of music like 70’s disco, the 90’s were the true transitional decade for pop.

As much as some may identify with the alternative or grunge crowd, most have sang along in a nasal impression to a Britney Spears chart-topper — though they may never admit it out loud. People are still arguing the classic old battle of N’SYNC vs. the Backstreet Boys. We still play old hits on road trips or throwbacks at parties, and people are still singing along.  No matter how much we try, popular artists from the 90’s will not be forgotten.

The 90’s was also the decade for one-hit-wonders. Artists like Sir Mix-a-Lot came and went, but more and more artists are sampling 90’s classics these days. It is sad to think that some kids may really believe that the chorus of a Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda” is original.

The 90’s should not be forgotten with time or recognized as that weird-time-between the-rad 80’s-and-the super-awkward-2000’s, especially the music. If we are refusing to leave behind the fashion fads of the 90’s, we should never leave behind the memorable music of that time.


Grace McKelvey and Sara Beltran
Impact Content Team Staff Writers

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