Episode 19: Happy Halloween!


Zachary Swiecicki

Zachary Swiecicki, Zane D’Souza and Ashanti Seabron take in entire world of pro sports on Halloween.

Almost Breaking News is jam-packed news that The Bandwagon was only hours away from breaking.

Impact’s Lions columnist Zach Manning joins the guys to talk about everything from Matt Stafford’s MVP season to Jim Caldwell’s chances of keeping his job in Detroit.

The World Series trounced Sunday Night Football in TV ratings. Games six and seven in Cleveland will be two of the most watched sporting events of the year. Do Zach, Zane or Ashanti change their initial picks?

The Pistons and Red Wings are in their regular seasons. Will the Pistons live up to the preseason hype? Can the Wings make the postseason for the 26th straight year?