Episode 42: Parity Party (Part 2)


Zachary Swiecicki is joined by Zach VanNieulande and Jacob Herbert to bring you The Bandwagon for the first time this summer. In the second half of this one and a half hour special episode, the three break down the NBA offseason, the MLB’s biggest storylines, and close with Five-Minute Rapid Fire.

(Apologies for some technical difficulties throughout this recording.)

[0:00] The NBA Playoffs were a snoozefest, but the offseason has been nothing but fireworks. With the draft on Thursday, Zach and Zach preview some of the top picks, biggest trade rumors and possible picks for the Pistons at No. 12.

[23:53] The MLB regular season is in full swing. Zach and Zach team up to answer the question, “Is it the year of the Rookie?” It has also been a record-setting year for home runs, so the two also discuss what could be in this year’s Home Run Derby and All Star Game. They also break down the Tigers struggles thus far in their 162-game campaign.

[43:57] Five-Minute Rapid Fire closes out every show. With a new team of three, are 10 questions in five minutes too much to handle? Listen to see if they get the job done.