Episode 31: Expectations


Zane D’Souza and Zachary Swiecicki bring you The Bandwagon’s second episode of 2017.

[1:00] Almost Breaking News features two NFL moves that involve Los Angeles, one NBA story that comes from San Francisco, and one PGA headline from a rising star.

[4:48] Numerous NFL teams are making coaching moves and the Detroit Lions have elected to stay put. Detroit’s season is officially over, but there still are eight teams left in the playoffs, so the guys make their picks for the second round games.

[15:20] The Pistons are last in the Central — what is the problem with this team?

[23:12] ‘Seven Minutes in Heaven’ was not expected to actually go seven minutes this show, but Tim Tebow caused a stir in studio — what got the guys so riled up?

[31:57] Five-Minute Rapid Fire helps close out the episode. Zach and Zane argue about L.A. football team(s), Tom Coughlin, Miles Bridges, and two *celebrity* boxing matches.