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The Low Down: Adult Swim


What is it?

Adult swim is our night-time compadre, Cartoon Network after dark, and always conscious of pop-culture. A function for designating time to our elders, Adult Swim favors a more mature schedule.

While on the same programming as Cartoon Network, but operating from 9pm-6am, Adult Swim is not just a taboo step0-up from our childhood counterpart. If you remember being spooked by commercials or just that elongated warning that you’re taking a dip in the wrong pool, it was definitely like taking a journey into the twilight-zone — but in a good way.

“Mature” material may be debatable — i.e; Eric Andre  — but it’s something that’s grown well with us. It’s experimental, really delves to connect with its audience, and at least promote something in its freeform manner.

Why do they matter?

Adult Swim doesn’t erroneously try to stay “hip and cool” with the kids. It’s without effort and laissez faire output that keeps things palatable. In a laid back way, it emulates what is current and worth noting.


Even finding original Adult Swim bumps was hard. It’s something everyone wants to brandish, sticking the title on their work. It’s rooted deep in our minds as commercials may do, but it’s something desirably fixed in the mood of the network. Instrumentals being the best medium for us to interject our thoughts and carry the smooth flow of content that is Adult Swim.


Highlight of 2016 Protomartyr, Vince Staples, Health, Earl Sweatshirt

Highlight of 2015 Cherry Glazerr, Peaches, Danny Brown+Clams Casino, Necessary Flylo

Highlight of 2014 Speedy Ortiz, Giorgio Moroder, Diarrhea Planet, Deafheaven

Highlight of 2013 Mac Demarco, Dan Deacon, Metz, A MONSTER for Rap artists (Captain Murphy +Madlib)

Highlight of 2012 Death Grips, UMO, Wavves, Com Truise, Flylo, Wye Oak

Highlight of 2011 Best Coast, Mastodon, Clams Casino, El-P

Highlight of 2010 Madvillain, Washed Out, Black Lips, Cults, LCD Soundsytem

Well ahead of their time and keeping current, Adult Swim gives a platform to artists for the sake of being heard — and that music is highly influential with the public.

If you check the dates or remember the non-commercial way that the supergroup debuted, Adult Swim was on RTJ before they even came out. Flying Lotus is also highly indebted for being so toted within Adult Swim’s arms, being the gem of their production and bumping sound. These are accompanied by interviews and it shows true care to their success. To be noticed by Adult Swim is our alternative “we made it story” to being noticed by like Weird Al or Nardwuar.

Did I mention everything is also free? If anything you can listen to these for nostalgic purposes, remembering artists for what they were founded upon. They had Mac Demarco during his prime and right on the cusp of being found out (2 and Rock and Roll Nightclub) as well as the old, even more lo-fi Unknown Mortal Orchestra.

Artist Features

Adult Swim truly places value on musicians and that they have something to say. Adult swim cartoons may make a faux plea to existentialism and deeper meaning, but musicians are truly holding the mic and at the helm of being proactive. Killer Mike is probably the smartest rapper out there if you’ve heard his political discussion circa Bernie, Ferguson, and anywhere along his discography.

Killer Mike

In the same realm of hip-hop L’orange and Mr. Lif’s latest album is supported. They belong to the Mello Music Group label and exemplify the familiar revival poetic “real hip-hop” sound.

And again everything is free.

Other notable snags include:

A Great tribute to those Garage rockers (Every name should be a pop out). It encapsulates the coastal California scene and that it has merit with Adult Swim and the vexing heart of rockers.

Even Little Dragon, as popularly recognized from Gorillaz, has a feature

But this would only makes sense with their support of cartoons and animated music.


These features even had airtime between commercials putting the artist’s views to fruition and showing the need to fully visualize their desired sound textures.

Captain Murphy- Flying Lotus’ legendary alter ego

Big Grams- An indie-rock/hip-hop dream fusion of a project consisting of Big Boi and Phantogram

Dan Deacon- An experience of sorts with electronic absurdist undertows created by Adult Swim’s top 9 animators in a special episode of “Off the Air”

What’s their mission statement?

If you haven’t seen Adult Swim so musically until now don’t feel so bad, on the low down you haven’t hurt their feelings and they don’t care all that much about impressing anyone. If it’s good it’s good.

“We can’t guarantee you’ll like it”
“Just relax and leave the judging to god”
“It’s not that deep”

Nobody exists on purpose. Nobody belongs anywhere. Everybody’s gonna die. Come watch TV?


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