Episode 12: Nobody’s Perfect


Zachary Swiecicki

Ashanti is out for today’s show, but Zachary Swiecicki and Zane D’Souza roll on. Nobody’s perfect: MSU football, Tigers and Lions all had a rough weekend.

Michigan State Athletics saw its football team fall to Indiana on Saturday, then it saw basketball transfer Ben Carter go down with a knee injury. What is going on in East Lansing?

The Ryder Cup was “hype”. And that was probably the best thing to come out of the sports weekend.

“At least one of the big contracts is going to be gone,” Zach predicts the future for Brad Ausmus and the Tigers.

The Lions have the same record as the Panthers and the Cardinals, but is the season over already?

Lastly, the five-minute rapid fire comes down to the wire…do they make it?