Episode 6: Are You Ready for Some Football?


Zachary Swiecicki

The cast of Ashanti Seabron, Zachary Swiecicki and Zane D’Souza gather after the first NFL sunday of the year. But before they get to the football talk, there are other sports going on.

CM Punk got punk’d in UFC 203, will he fight again?

Serena Williams lost in the semifinals and also her World No. 1 spot, Zach takes issue with the WTA rankings.

Tim Tebow was signed by the New York Mets…. Why?

Ashanti predicted the Tigers in the World Series, now he says they won’t make the playoffs.

Colin Kaepernick is still protesting, and his following is growing throughout the world of sports. Did he actually expect to have this big of an influence?

The Detroit Lions beat the Colts and didn’t look like the ‘same old Lions’. Is that the ignorance of a lifelong Lions fan talking or is there real hope for this team?