Langhorne Slim & The Law at District Square


Photo: Daniel Rayzel

Daniel Rayzel

Progressive Torch and Twang host Daniel Rayzel caught Langhorne Slim & The Law at District Square on Thursday.

There was a lot of name-calling at District Square last night. Amidst the tears and screams of starstruck fans witnessing a performance by Langhorne Slim & The Law, a close ear may have caught a handful of these words being tossed around:

“You’re beautiful!”

“Life changer!”

And my personal favorite…

“It’s The Great Spirit!”

Considering the way Slim commanded cheering from the crowd with a quick raise of his arms, most of the concert wasn’t too far off from watching a preacher who just found their pulpit.

The band marched through rowdy classics like “Cinderella” and “The Way We Move,” causing the crowd to go wild with nostalgia and fury. It was only a matter of time until people around me would start to foam at the mouth.

The band also broke out a handful of songs from their upcoming LP, The Spirit Moves, including its first two singles, “Strangers” and “Changes” – all of which were received warmly by the entire crowd. When breaking out “Love Crimes,” Slim jumped off the stage and invited fans to sing along to the new track.

The concert ended with one of my all-time favorite songs: “Past Lives” from the group’s 2012 LP, The Way We Move. For a brief, fleeting moment in my life, I felt my soul entwined with those around me as we all chanted “I ain’t dead! I ain’t dead! I ain’t dead!”  into the darkening night sky.

Anyone who was lucky enough to be there that night knew that the music played gave us more than just a concert, but an awakening.

[su_accordion][su_spoiler title=”Click for Setlist” style=”simple”]
“Spirit Moves”
“Put It Together”
“The Way We Move”
“Love Crimes”
“Bring You My Love”
“I Will”
“Past Lives”
“Diamonds and Gold”

Photos: Daniel Rayzel