Fool for Love | Lord Huron

Makenzie McNeill

The last we heard from the Michigan-grown band Lord Huron was in 2012 with their debut album, Lonesome Dreams. But now, the indie-folk band (now based in Los Angeles) is back with a new single from their upcoming album, Strange Trails, arriving April 7th.

The new single, “Fool for Love,” stays true to the band’s dreamlike sound while crossing over into a beautiful mix of quickly plucked strings and island-y drum rhythms. The lead singer, Ben Schneider, sings of taking a woman named Lily to be his bride before he “heads out on the road tonight.” The only problem is, she already has another man.

What’s so great about Lord Huron is that their songs are stories and every part of the song creates a background and scene to the story being sung. So, take a trip with Lord Huron and listen as they venture through their storyline and create a few catchy rhythms along their way.

Words by Micaela Harris