A Springtime Instrumental Earworm | “Gentle Wave Gentle Pull” by Leif Mulch


Mason Vore, Malcom in the Middle Fanatic

With spring returning, it’s always good to have a couple feel-good songs laying around that you can just stare at grass to, and  “Gentle Wave Gentle Pull” by Leif Mulch fits just the mood.  This 3-and-a-half minute instrumental track is a really airy song that meanders to and from a single riff like one of those paddle ball toys.

It begins disorientingly as the lead guitar comes into focus with the rhythm, building a peaceful pocket of sound. This pattern nonchalantly shifts from reserved to a slowed-down version of a wiry solo from a Pavement song and back again, until the song disappears pleasantly .  

Released last week, “Gentle Wave Gentle Pull” is the lead song off of Spokane indie-folk project Leif Mulch’s new album, Shimmy Gasket. An album cover containing a double rainbow is almost certainly a sign of relaxing sounds, and if “Gentle Wave Gentle Pull” is any indication, the album offers many more.