Episode 1: Hop On The Bandwagon

A New Podcast from WDBM Sports: The Bandwagon

A ragtag of sports reporters at Impact 89FM take a break from college sports to talk the latest ups and downs of the pro world. Zane D’Souza, Zach Sweicicki and Ashanti Seabron may not be at Fox Sports Detroit yet, but that’s not stopping them from . Tune in each week to hear their take on what’s happening on the big stage and make fun of each other in the process.

In their first sneak peak episode, recorded on “Black Mamba Day” no less, the crew touches on the downfall of Jordan SpiethMarvel at Trevor Story and make a case for jumping on the Cubs bandwagonStruggle with the Tiger’s pitching situation and debate over the value of the Red Wing’s 25 years in the playoffs.

That and more on this episode of The Bandwagon.