Jam of the Day: “Nothing Could be Better” | HOMESHAKE

Casey Halas

Bringing back the funky bass-filled beats once again, Pete Sagar has not disappointed us in his recently released singles, “Like Mariah” and “Nothing Could Be Better.” These songs have been gearing audiences up for HOMESHAKE’s next album to come, Helium following their last album, Fresh Air that came out last year. Becoming more and more experimental in their sound, HOMESHAKE brings all things groovy, grounded, and techno to the table with their new singles and anticipated album. HOMESHAKE has had a busy year touring. They’ve been through the US, Canada, South America, and Europe sharing their harmonic sounds with the world. Fans are expecting to see HOMESHAKE at similar locations in 2019.

“Nothing Could Be Better” highlights Sagar’s ability to keep things simple, yet captivating. He provides his steady and measured beats to start out the song. He then twists the mood and sound of the beat with the accompaniment of his highly pitched voice. The song gives a light and breezy feeling of what it’s like to be totally entranced by someone. It also shows how easy it is to see the good in everything with the presence of one person. With Sagar’s recent engagement to his long time girlfriend, Salina it is easy to assume that Helium will have a romantic and light sound to its aesthetic.


Helium is expected to release February 5th, 2019.