You’ve Got an Expensive Heart | Hellogoodbye


Maya Trowe

Hellogoodbye is an indie-pop band founded by singer, Forrest Kline, in Huntington Beach, California. Kline found interest in the music industry when he started Hellogoodbye as a project in high school in 2001. He began producing music on his computer with his high school friends and signed with Drive-Thru Records in 2003.

“You’ve Got an Expensive Heart” was released with the album, S’only Natural in October of 2018. It is the fourth album the band has released over the past twelve years.

In an interview with AltPress Magazine, Kline hopes listeners will feel encouraged to, “bring out their larger than life personalities and feel inspired to be themselves” while listening to the album. “When the sun sets on a busy city block, deep dim lights give way to big bright personalities, you need not hide in the city at night. You can be free in the city at night.”

The title of the song is fitting for Black Friday festivities and also provides an upbeat tempo. It is perfect to enjoy before, during, or after the madness of Black Friday shopping.

Featured image by Prassprasetio