Me & My Dog | boygenius

Hope O'Dell

When indie powerhouses Phoebe Bridgers, Lucy Dacus and Julien Baker announced that they would be touring with one another, they also began recording music together for the tour under the name boygenius. The band released their self-titled EP on October 26 and has cemented boygenius as a brilliant indie rock collective. In one of their most popular songs off the EP, “Me & My Dog,” the band tackles the topic of an unhealthy relationship and how to handle its effects.

Bridgers’ vocals and a heavy rhythm guitar start the song with an empty feeling, paired with lyrics like, “I had a fever until I met you/Until I met you/Now you make me cool”, painting the picture of a savior-like significant other and a teen-rom-com-worthy relationship. But Bridgers pops this bubble of perfection when, in harmony with Dacus and Baker, she wails out, “I never said I’d be all right/Just thought I could hold myself together” this realization comes with drums that push the song forward into the line that gives the song its title, “I wish I was on a spaceship/Just me and my dog and an impossible view.” This line ends the song with escapism as the only solution to the tumultuous relationship and person boygenius sings about and beautifully off-beat instrumental end. The Bridgers, Dacus and Baker North American tour goes until November 30.