Louie | Calpurnia


Casey Halas

Many may know Finn Wolfhard from his stunning performances in the Netflix original Stranger Things and Steven Spielberg’s It, but this multi-talented star has other passions besides acting. Wolfhard formed his band, Calpurnia, back in 2017 along with his bandmates, Ayla Tesler-Mabe, Jack Anderson and Malcolm Craig after covering the Twin Peaks song, “Wanted You” that went viral on Youtube. Wolfhard and friends started out by only covering songs they loved by their favorite artists, but after awhile they were anxious to share their own individual sound and original ideas. The band has edgy, rock-style vocals provided by Wolfhard along with folk-like instrumentation in the background that is complete with acoustic and pedal steel guitars.

“Louie” is Calpurnia’s second single and dropped this month in preparation for an EP that has yet to have a release date. The band made it their goal to make the song sound as authentic and live as possible with their echoed background vocals and stripped main vocals by Wolfhard. After listening to their eccentric masterpiece, it is obvious that this group of kids have a bright future ahead of them in the world of music. So after binge-watching both seasons of Stranger Things, make sure to show some support by checking out Wolfard and his talented group of bandmates.