Melody’s Echo Chamber Returns


Andrew Younker

After last year’s startling incident that left Melody Prochet hospitalized, Melody’s Echo Chamber is back in action with a new track and album announcement! Last June, Melody’s family made a Facebook post that reads as follows.

Dearest Friends,

Melody suffered a serious accident earlier this month.

We are optimistic, but she needs to be in the hospital

for a few more months.

Due to these circumstances, Melody’s upcoming Tour

has been cancelled.

But she is hopeful to be able to play shows again soon

Thank you for your support

– Melody’s Family –

Melody’s Echo Chamber blends equal parts psychedelia and pop to a mystifying effect on her records. While her self-titled album showed enormous promise for a debut, the material she’s released over the past two years is clearly pushing the boundaries for psychedelic rock music, with multi-sectional musical overtures and key shifts drenched in unearthly melancholia. She possesses an accessible knack for melody, “Breathe In, Breathe Out” jumps from verse to verse in poetic speed, akin to a musical sampler that hopefully represents the rest of her next project.

Bon Voyage is out June 15, 2018.