Songs to Dominate Open-Door Night at the Dorms


Impact Content Team

Written by Andrew Younker

Ugh, college! The best four years of your life, they say. You’ll be able to pass your classes, get enough sleep, and still have a vibrant social life, they say. Sometimes adjusting to college life can be difficult, juggling all the new classes you’re expected to pass and all the new people you meet. How do you prove to potential buddies that your music game is up to par? How do you show your floor crush how much you appreciate all types of music, from artists like Pet Sounds era Beach Boys to modern underground hip-hop and everything in between? We’ve made it easy for you to meet your next best friend and completely dominate open-door night with this booming playlist.

Throw on these tunes during your floor’s next open-door night and watch flocks of interested friends wander through your door into the candle lit sanctuary of indie rock. Who knows, maybe getting in trouble for burning a candle will earn you some street cred with your neighbors though, Lord of the Flies style. All you need to do is press play and watch your social status pop off in stunning fashion. You can thank us later.