Sit Next to Me | Foster The People


Jonathan Shead

Chances are if you’re not a die-hard Foster The People fan, the one song you probably know, “Pumped Up Kicks,” from the American indie-pop band is also their most popular, but the song merely scratches the surface as one of the best in their discography. Frontman Mark Foster and company certainly owe their start-up success to “Pumped Up Kicks,” but the music they’ve continued to produce since proves they’re more than a one-hit-wonder type of band. From their debut studio album Torches back in 2011 up to their most recently released third studio album, Sacred Hearts Club, Foster The People has continued to show improvement and maturity in their lyrics and overall sound. They’ve demonstrated that while they’re a band who loves to produce upbeat indie-pop, they can still create a hit song with a little bit of depth and introspection.

“Sit Next to Me” is the third track off Sacred Hearts Club, yet the first to change the mood from high-energy to one of breezy atmospheria. The song opens with a crescendo of synths before drums enter and solidify the song’s laid back vibe. Once the instruments settle into their lanes, Foster sings of fleeting nights filled with a love that’s just out of reach. As the playful back-and-forth between synth and guitar fill the chorus line, Foster shows his impeccable range (though it’s backed by a vocoder), putting his falsetto into full swing. The songs ends with the quintessential catchy Foster The People chorus, allowing its seductiveness to fully seep into your ears.

If you like what you hear, be sure to check out the rest of Sacred Hearts Club out now on Columbia Records.