Impacter’s Choice | Memorial Day


Impact Content Team

Written by Andrew Younker

Memorial Day: a day of remembrance for the fallen men and women who died serving our country in the U.S. military, as well as a day of rest. People across the land gather with their friends, family and loved ones to celebrate the unofficial first day of Summer. The public pool is open, work and school are cancelled, and the heat is hot. All you need now is a playlist and a BBQ to get this party going — don’t worry we’ve got you covered.

Carefully constructed to make you involuntarily don your American flag swim trunks and beer koozie, this playlist is here to make sure you have a good, relaxing day off. Tracks from artists new and old, but with a celebratory, wavy vibe. These songs are inexplicably summertime, so enough rambling! Go out and grill a few with the boys. And girls. And grandparents.