Impacter’s Choice | Spring Broken


Impact Content Team

Written by Autumn Miller:

Second semester is hard. Very, very hard. The classes, the assignments, the impending doom of finding a summer job in time- it’s all quite stressful. The hardest part about it? The trudging act we have to go through after spring break ends and reality re-enters our lives by the means of an incredibly rude awakening. It doesn’t matter if you hid out at home or are just returning to the Arctic tundra that appears to be Michigan, it’s all unwelcome.

Here at Impact, we feel your pain. We’ve been hit with those springtime-blues-in-late-winter feels too, and we’re just as ready for sun-soaked days as you are. In the meantime, what’s better than a heavily acoustic-themed playlist that aids in making it through these chilly days and carries you into the drizzles of April? I would say a whole lot of hope and a few pairs of rain boots, but I think music tops both of those by just a little.