Thee Hourz O’ Power – 1/28/2016


Jacob Nevin


Blind Guardian – (Inquisition) Banish from Sanctuary

Cauldron – No Return/In Ruin

Thor – Metal Avenger

Rainbow – Stargazer (Jimmy Bain tribute)

Dio – I Speed at Night (Jimmy Bain tribute)

Dio – Shame on the Night (Jimmy Bain tribute)

Mercyful Fate – Evil

Venom – In League with Satan

Diamond Head – Am I Evil?

Black Sabbath – I

I – Battalions


Earthside – The Closest I’ve Come

Exmortus – Fire and Ice

Bloodbath – Eaten

Nifelheim – Storm of Satan’s Fire

Mayhem – Freezing Moon

Darkthrone – Under a Funeral Moon

Burzum – Lost Wisdom

Inquisition – Summoned by Ancient Wizards Under a Black Moon

Gorgoroth – Carving a Giant


Abbath – To War!

Abbath – Winterbane

Abbath – Ashes of the Damned

Abbath – Ocean of Wounds

Abbath – Count the Dead

Abbath – Fenrir Hunts

Abbath – Root of the Mountain

Abbath – Endless

Borknagar – The Winterway

Marduk – On Darkened Wings

Belphegor – Possessed Burning Eyes


Bathory – Dragons Breath

Aura Noir – Destructor

Amiensus – What Evil Lay Dormant

Orkan – Skodde

Myrkur – Haeven

Conan – Revengeance

Malady – Kantaa Takaa Maan

Windhand – Kingfisher