Had Ten Dollaz | Cherry Glazerr


Andrew Becker

In the daze of Wednesday motivations, I was not expecting the comparison of a baby learning to walk as my share of wisdom from my stats professor. I could align myself to the pouting and heroic figure of a baby, sure, but in all this vulnerability and weakness it’s encouraging to power through and push on through this buffer. There’s a necessary recognition needed to really feel the intensity and maybe melodramatic push in still standing past tough Wednesday slump days.

And here’s our baby in boxing gloves. Take this whimpering more somber anthem with you on this Wednesday. The progression is low, but we can feel this stride into an empowering defiance. Cherry Glazerr gives the cool, sly build so that you might not even know that you were bumming in the first place. Instrumentation and (my god) those vocals really power out and give you that stance to feel a bit triumphant and transitioned into these upcoming and better days.

“Lay back at ease…”