Nightlight | Silversun Pickups


Ian Wendrow

I suppose it was inevitable that Silversun Pickups would tread further and further into electronic territory, seeing as this tendency was hinted as far back as Swoon with the subtle backing synths that built up the band’s atmosphere. Silversun Pickups have always been at their best when they matched up frontman Brian Aubert’s thin vocals with a gritty, rhythmic line.

It is somewhat surprising then, despite the aforementioned inevitability, that “Nightlight” places Aubert’s singing right in the middle, with a thumping, bare-bones drum beat and the occasional synth ditty in the background to accompany the main guitar line. It is a much more directly pop-oriented track than their past works, especially coming off the throwback Neck of the Woods released back in 2012.

Still though, it is effectively done, and unlike many other indie rock acts that have hopped on the electro bandwagon, Silversun have at least made sure to keep their core sound intact as they experiment with this new frontier.

“Nightlight” is from their new album, Better Nature, available now.