Jam of the Day: “Begin Again”

Jake Vaive

Hailing from Edmonton of the Great White North, a little electronic duo – Megan James and Corin Roddick – under the guise “Purity Ring” dropped the critically-acclaimed album Shrines back in 2012. If you are anything like me, this album completely changed your life in every way possible. It was the go-to soundtrack for a party, a chill sesh with your friends, or a nice relaxing bonfire. The past two years have been pretty quiet for Purity Ring, and we’ve seen a lot of electronic wannabe duos attempt to mimic the sound they so perfectly crafted, but the real thing is back, and I couldn’t be more excited. Their second single “Begin Again” off of their sophomore album Another Eternity (set for release March 3) brings a much clearer sound to the table; the dark, menacing basslines that lurked throughout Shrines have all but been replaced with a much more ethereal atmosphere. It’s clear that Purity Ring has branched out and matured – but are we all willing to embrace the fact that we will never have another Shrines?

Words by Jake Vaive